What I Did When I Was Away

Minggu, 31 Maret 2013

I made this post and I made these shots

Outstanding White
I was accompaniying Anin, a friend that desperated about her dying koi, to PASTY (Pasar Satwa Tanaman Hias Yogyakarta) and I had fun there...
The orchid seller thought that I was still a highschooler that looked for pic for my assignment...
I really need to upgrade my style...

Heaven? Out there?
When I was taking this shoot, I followed my friend to Aman Jiwo Hotel in Komplek Borobudur when she was doing her P3K #P3KColongan
I took some shoots there. What was really wonderful thing in here was, there were no cc tvs. No cc tvs... Really..

Path of light

Thank you....

See you again my blog

Senin, 28 Januari 2013

Well, see u again my awesome blog...
It feels like I am not doing curcol for a long time..

So here it is my curcol...
If u find any grammatical errors, let it..
I am still learning and, hey... this my blog, I can write whatever I want haha..

For all of this time I was not around, I 've been through many wonderful things that I never imagined...
Graduated as a doctor, took UKDI or National Competence for Indonesian Health professional and thanks God, I am not a retaker, my biggest success, maybe.. haha
And then I took my oath... the first sacred moment in my life... A patho coass, at last, took her oath haha...
I worked for clinic near my cousin's house, but I need more challenges, so I applied for PTT in one of the biggest hospital in this Java island...
And I get the job as triage doctor at that hospital, one of my biggest success.. although I ruined the interview part.. God really loves me..

If u see that my life is so perfect, I'll tell u that my life is as perfect as u see...
I enjoy every moments in my life, my awesome life for someone awesome, that's me :))
I may failed before but I took my failures as lesson to learn, so I am not fail, just doing a bigger challenge :p
If u find this blog full of narcissistic things, I tell u again, this is my blog :))

Before I decided to write my history on this blog again, I read an article from Billy Boen
He said about 13 to do in 2013, I may not find the original article, I know u are clever enough to google it if u are KEPO...
I write it again and make check for things that I ve been completed...

Make lists for everything I wanna get in this year
Okay... I'll show u my wishlists..

A nice cam? eh..

  1. I want sony nex 5n, I think this is a good camera for me haha..
  2. I wanna be TKHI personnel, going hajj this year..
  3. Meet my soulmate, I 'll be abnormal if I dont write this thing, I am not antisocial person :p
  4. Find new flat which is I like to live in... No absensi to ibu kost, haha
  5. Have a better income so I need not to worry about my next project for taking PPDS
  6. Yeah, I still want to take cardiology, attracts me to the core
  7. Cliche, being a better person..
  8. Backpaking!!! one of greatest idea ever, travelling!
  9. Go home often...
  10. I still have so many wish list..
So, done! Check!
Cool backpack for backpacking, eh..

Make friends
I got new friends from my last trip! Yay! Check
And I still want to make friends this time..
I may failed one of my friend and being ignored, but that's alright, I am not saying that I still have so many friends left coz that was a loss to lose her as my greatest friend
Hope, we can get along again, yeah, I should add this in my wishlist but I believe she is an adult, so this misunderstanding wont get so long..
I may not a great fan of motivational book that said not to angry to someone for long time if u want a peace of mind but hey.. It's a waste just read not practicing it, Haha.. Better not buy that kind of book..
Btw I still have my peace of mind :))
She may put me as her enemy, but there's a quote that said to keep ur friend close and keep ur enemy closer, so keep me closer :))

Read Books
Since I was able to read book, I love reading books, I don't have any genres about the book..
Yesterday, I read a book about advertising, and I found it interesting, Yeah, I read medicine too..
I am still KEPOER for medicine..
So this one is check!!

Attend Symposium/Workshop
I dont have enough money for this time..
Not check for this one..

Join Organization
I will apply for instructor in Diklat IGD, I will make it check if I pass

Coz of I read that article so I blog again, see you again my blog :))

I took a trip to Prambanan with my friend, we met a white woman and wished us to have a good day ladies..
And then I took trip to Jakarta, to Ministry of Health and then to Muara Baru, Penjaringan, the flooding area... And Mr. Ahmad, the WHO's driver, told me about the car that we ride, the plat number, about the CD code, RI code, BL code and so on. 
My journey is still continue...

The "have a good day" woman

I went to flooding area in Jakarta, one of my awesome experiences!! I became a celebrities there...
So check!!

You'll never get this moment again!!
The children happily helped us to move the chair for our baksos

Make new income
Haha.. this time is no... 

Watch inspirational TV shows
I dont have TV

Eat wisely
My mentor said that not to think when eating, think after it....

Some Yoga maybe

Celebrate for successful things that have been happened, and make resolution for 2014

Credit: Kaskus